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01 - Scope of publications: EU (European Union) - Asia - North America - South America.

02 - Type of publication: Viewing by banners, rotating on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, notebooks, lap tops.

03 - Publishing vehicles: International websites - video platforms - Google - MSN - YAHOO - social media.

04 - Main pages and web publishing portals with content from: Press - financial - trade - importers.

05 - Target audience: Directors and executives in import area.

06 - Base date partnerships: International trade agencies.

07 - Other digital dissemination systems: Sending news letter - email marketing.

08 - Exclusive banner directed to the company's website, inserted in the portal.                                                                                    
09 - Fortnightly report on the number of hits.


10 - Content changes and updates within 48 hours of the request.

11 - All accesses and contacts of importers will be redirected in real time to the website of the registered company.

12 - Simultaneous translation for all languages of the countries with scope of publications. 
                                       Script for the beginning of publications.
13 - Three days working after payment is complete.


14 - All the content of the publication will be based on the website of the registered company.
                                        Contractual terms and cost.
14.1-Month-to-month payments without the obligation of continuity.

14.2-Monthly cost: R$ 630.00 - without inclusion of payment when register the company. 

14.3-Forms of payments: credit cards in up to 3 installments - or full payment with: debit card.


14.4-Our systems are exclusively aimed at digital advertising, to attract importers, but..., we offer suggestions, scripts, tax or technical information in the export area, free of charge, for exporters based in Brazil - send to us your questions.


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